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Welcome to Kasabesa, a craft beer blog designed to be a major resource for the Philippine Craft Beer Scene. Since early 2019, this blog has strived to be the most up to date information hub on everything craft beer in the Philippines. As you look around, you’ll discover a directory that will lead you to information on every current craft brewery and bar. Included in that are a map and some handy social media links to the companies. Also included are blog posts that cover a whole range of aspects and events for the local scene. There is also a dedicated section to all the posts made on home brewing. Homebrewing is a growing part of the Philippine Craft beer scene, and this area will be ever-growing. Meant to evolve, the directory, amongst other areas, will be continuously updated with new or growing breweries.
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About Me:

I moved to the Philippines back in 2018, and I came from Australia, a country with an evolved craft beer scene. It was apparent when I came here that things were about to grow, but there weren’t many resources where to find these locally made brews. So as I researched where to find these places so I could have a nice cold pint, an idea hit. Why don’t I start a blog to put everything in one area, so locals and travellers alike can easily find what they’re looking for.
I’m also a keen homebrewer and have been doing it for a few years. . So when I’m not actively searching out beers, I’m making my own at home. I understand some of the difficulties local homebrewers have, and I hope to assist. I’m looking forward to continuing this blog and watching it, and the local scene grow. If you have any questions, you can always send me a message on here, Facebook or Instagram.

Until Next Time.

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Take Your Tastebuds on a Trip

It’s Friday night, and you’re sitting at home, bored. You decide to alleviate that boredom by going to try a new Filipino Craft Beer. But where is the closest place to experience one? Click here to view the map. Also included is a directory of all the local breweries and bars with links to get further information.

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Philippines well represented at the Asia Beer Championships 2021

Last night the 2021 edition of the Asia Beer Championship was held for the second year running online. Hosted by Charles Guerrier and Oliver Woods, the event was a showcase to announce this year's winners. Dozens of breweries entered craft beers from all over Asia...

Philippine Craft Beer Survey 2021

Recently we sent out a questionnaire that would become the first Kasabesa Philippine Craft Beer Survey. We then collated all the results to get a better understanding of the answers. While the participation was not as high as we might hope, the results should still be...

JamBEERee Makes a Welcome Return

In a sign of the changing times, with a crowd-favourite event making a return. The JamBEERee will be having its 3rd instalment in August of this year. The event is a friendly competition between brewers who can brew the crowd’s favourite beer of the night. The...